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“Introduction to Intelligence Analysis 101”: Wednesday, January 25, 2017 | 7 – 9pm | Spy Museum, Washington, DC

How good are you in a crisis? To survive in the world of an intelligence analyst, you must be able to quickly gather the facts, determine what’s relevant, find patterns, and make critical connections, and you must not forget to check your ego and biases at the door.

That’s what you’ll need to do in this dynamic workshop led by Randy Pherson, the CIA’s former National Intelligence Officer (NIO) for Latin America, recipient of the CIA’s Career Intelligence Medal and founder of the Forum Foundation for Analytic Excellence. As you grapple with a real intelligence case about a US nuclear scientist who may have transferred secrets to the Chinese to assist in the development of their nuclear program, you’ll go through the same process as an intelligence analyst, evaluating incoming information and questioning your own preconceptions and assumptions under a looming deadline.

Learn how analysts employ Structured Analytic Techniques to avoid cognitive pitfalls and spur creative thinking. And ultimately find out whether your analysis would have helped to defuse a crisis or fuel a foreign policy disaster.

Space is limited to only 30 participants – advance registration required!

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Spy Fest: “Tradecraft Try-Its”: January 27, 2017 | 6 – 9pm | Spy Museum, Washington, DC

Join the Forum Foundation for Analytic Excellence and others from the intelligence community for a family night out to see if you have what it takes it to be a Spy.

Sitting in your comfy chair watching James Bond makes spy tradecraft look easy—now’s your chance to find out if you could be the next 007. Do you have the savvy to beat a lie-detector? The smarts to break a top secret coded message? The wits to create secret writing? The moves of a Ninja? Families are invited to find out how they measure up at the Museum’s Annual Spy Fest. Mini-missions, tradecraft demonstrations by the experts, and the chance to try spy skill challenges will give KidSpy agents and their handlers an insider’s peek into the shadow world of spying—and who knows, there just may be a spy or two in your midst…

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