One and Three Credit University Courses

The Forum Foundation for Analytic Excellence (FFAE) is currently offering one and three credit courses for universities throughout the US to introduce students to analytic tools and techniques they can use to structure their analysis, generate forecasts, and avoid major mistakes. In numerous hands-on exercises, students practice specific skills to help them overcome mindsets, organize information, diagnose problems, explore different ways of thinking, and avoid surprise.

What concepts are introduced in these courses?

  • What are analytic traps and mindsets?
  • Why we are so quick to fall into mindsets and why they are so hard to overcome?
  • What is the value of structured analytic techniques?
  • How we can best apply these tools and techniques to the problems we encounter every day?

Who should attend?

These courses are appropriate for undergraduateĀ and graduateĀ students seeking to improve the quality and impact of their analysis in all disciplines.

How long is the course?

One credit courses are conducted over a single or multiple weekends or through multiple, shorter sessions after business hours. Three credit classes are taught over multiple weekends or can be integrated into regular university schedule hours.

Where will the course be conducted?

If held over one weekend, the course could be delivered on-site or in a 3D virtual world. If multiple sessions are selected, the course would be delivered via a 3D virtual world if delivered outside the Washington, DC area.

Is this course currently being offered?

Yes. FFAE is currently offering multiple courses at major universities in the Washington, DC area.